Business Alignment Strategies offers results-based, interactive workshops that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Participants leave each session with immediately applicable skills and tools. We meet with you to identify your desired outcomes, then customize a proposal for a program designed to achieve those results. As an added value, we offer options for assessing post-workshop behavioral changes and/or business impact. Below is a list of our most frequently requested topics.

Workshops are added on a regular basis, so check back periodically to see what's new. If you don't see what you need, ask! We would be glad to discuss your specific needs.

Public Safety

  • Impressing Your Community and Rallying Key Support
    Communicate and market the value your agency provides your community by learning how to focus the public safety conversation, follow a systematic process to get your message to the right audiences, measure the right things, and select effective communication methods.
  • Creating a Community of Advocates for Public Safety
    Help make public safety a priority by learning how to channel community support into active advocacy for public safety.
  • Meeting the Skills-based Requirements of the Affordable Care Act
    Comply effectively with provisions of the Affordable Care Act by providing your staff with the skills necessary to meet requirements such as conducting effective customer surveys, measuring the right things, and analyzing data and reporting results in usable formats.
    (Note: Each skill listed above is the subject of a separate workshop.)
  • Maximizing Performance by Optimizing Your Effectiveness
    Enable your agency to work at peak performance by ensuring that its values, programs, systems, processes, and people are aligned with its mission.
  • Maximizing Performance through Organizational Alignment
    Demonstrate the return on your community's investment in public safety by learning how to identify the impact of your services on public safety, educate your members and stakeholders about those impacts, provide options for resource allocation decisions, and use the information to optimize your agency's systems, processes, and programs.
  • Maximizing Performance by Making Your Envisioned Future a Reality
    Enable your agency to achieve its mission more effectively by learning how to develop an organizational strategy that is accepted by stakeholders, and to create a detailed plan that greatly facilitates strategy implementation.
  • Maximizing Performance through Seamless Succession
    Enable your agency to work consistently at its peak performance level by learning how to develop a comprehensive succession process that ensures critical vacancies throughout the agency are filled by those who are ready, willing, and able to hit the ground running and be successful.
  • Maximizing Performance through Fully Successful Supervisors
    Enable your agency to work consistently at its peak performance by providing those who set the tone for the agency - its supervisory personnel - the management and leadership tools they need to be fully successful, including skills such as ethical influencing, setting priorities, managing conflict, making the transition from peer to leader, and evaluating performance.
    (Note: Supervisory skills require a series of workshops; your agency's needs will determine the specific topics.)
  • Maximizing Performance through Effective Employee Relations
    Enable your agency to work consistently at its peak performance by avoiding or minimizing the distractions that result from dysfunctional employee behaviors and relationships.

Strategy and Organizational Change

  • Transforming the Workplace: An Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry
    Transform your workplace by learning how to leverage the power of a proven, strengths-based approach that has been used successfully around the world for purposes such as creating organizational visions and goals; resolving conflicts; empowering teams; developing exceptional programs and products; envisioning opportunities; developing strategies; and creating inspiring workplaces.
  • An Appreciative Approach to Strategy Development and Implementation
    Set and achieve amazing goals by learning how to use a strengths-based approach to develop your organization's strategy in a collaborative and empowering way that enables employees and other stakeholders to take ownership of the strategy and implement it.
  • An Appreciative Approach to Organizational Change
    Enable your organization to undertake cultural and other changes effectively and generatively by learning how to design and implement an appreciative approach to the situation.
  • Developing and Personalizing Organizational Values
    Achieve organizational goals more quickly and effectively by learning how to identify and define organizational values at all levels so that every employee is on the same page with respect to how those goals are to be achieved.

Organizational Alignment and Workplace Effectiveness

  • Creating the Aligned Organization
    Optimize business results by learning how to align people, programs, processes, and systems with organizational goals.
  • Setting Priorities and Allocating Scarce Resources
    Optimize organizational effectiveness by learning how to set priorities, allocate scarce resources, and address the human side of change.
  • Leveraging Differences into Opportunities: Creating Environments in which People Can Shine
    Increase productivity, delight customers, and engage employees by learning how to focus on commonalities, create a motivating environment, and leverage individual and collective strengths.
  • Organizational Renaissanceģ: Choosing the Quality of Your Work Environment
    Create an environment that inspires employees to do their best by teaching them how they can enhance the quality of their workplace.
  • Secret to Success: The Employee-centered Workplaceģ
    Enhance your organization's success - however you define it - by learning how to make employees your top priority
  • Creating Successful Surveys: It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist
    Make more informed decisions and take targeted actions by learning how to obtain actionable, reliable data from employees, customers, and other stakeholders. The Affordable Care Act now requires health care providers to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Be sure you are obtaining data you can use!


  • The Paradox of Self-care: Inspiring Greatness in Yourself and Your Organization
    Enable your employees to provide exceptional service by learning how to empower them to make themselves their first priority.
  • Inspiring Employee Engagement in Difficult Times
    Retain your best performers by learning how to make your employees a high priority in your organization.
  • Creating an Environment in which Employees (and their Leaders) are Fully Successful
    Optimize your business results by learning behaviors and techniques that enable employees and leaders to be fully successful.


  • Framing Skills: How to Change the Way People See the World
    Demonstrate the value your organization provides, stimulate creativity and innovation, and enable others to envision alternative points of view by learning to create contexts that allow people to "think big."
  • Influencing Skills: How to Persuade People to Do What You Want
    Increase organizational and personal productivity by learning how to enable people to choose to do what you would like them to do, and to resolve differences in a constructive way.
  • Difficult Conversations: How to Remove the Elephant from the Living Room and Keep It From Coming Back
    Increase productivity by learning behaviors, processes, and techniques that help you remove any existing elephants from your living room (i.e., problems or negative issues that everyone knows about but will not acknowledge), and ensure that the conditions that gave rise to them will not recur.

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