The Paradox of Self-care: Inspiring Greatness in Yourself and Your Organization

Would you like to be able to focus your energy and attention in ways that enable you to inspire greatness in yourself and your organization? Paradoxically, it is only by taking care of ourselves first, by religiously making ourselves our top priority, that we are able to shine, to provide exceptional service to others, and to achieve our purpose in life or our mission at work.

In this teleseminar, we cover topics such as how to create a YOU-centered life; develop and sustain the mindset required to make yourself your top priority; use language to transform your world; break through obstacles that prevent you from living your passion; and inspire yourself and others to greatness.

The duration of the teleseminar is 1 hour.
(13.5 MB)

7 Strategies Executives and Business Owners Must Know for Organizational Success in Todayís Economy

Would you like to learn the best low- or no-cost strategies that will re-focus and re-vitalize your organization so it can thrive, even in today’s economy?

In this one-hour teleseminar, we cover topics such as how to set priorities and allocate resources, techniques to increase employee engagement, why insisting that your employees “do more with less” is a mistake, how to align employees’ interests with organizational goals, and no- or low-cost tools and techniques that ensure organizational success.

The duration of the teleseminar is 1 hour.
(24.39 MB)

Is Your Organization Ready to Pass the Employee Free Choice Act "Test?"

In this one-hour teleseminar we cover what the Employee Free Choice Act means for employers, why taking immediate action is critical, four key areas of employee concern, and how to address performance deficiencies.

The duration of the teleseminar is 54 min.

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged NOW and Retain Them Later - No Matter What Industry You're In

Are your employees fully engaged, strongly committed to the organization, and highly productive? Are you confident that you will be able to retain them once the economy turns around and they have alternative opportunities?

In this one-hour teleseminar we cover topics such as the biggest mistake employers make following budget cuts, layoffs, and furloughs; what to do when "business as usual" doesn't work any more; how to help employees make healthy choices; and practical and proven management tools that increase employee engagement and retention.

The duration of the teleseminar is 54 minutes.

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Chad Barr Interviews Dr. Pat Lynch

Chad Barr is President of CB Software, Inc. In this interview we cover topics including appreciative inquiry, the biggest obstacles executives face, things the best companies do well, accountability, and Team in Training, the fundraising arm of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

The interview is 59:40.


Employee Voice: A Critical Element of Organizational Success

Learn the five steps you can take to ensure your employees can exercise their individual and collective voices.

The podcast is 3:56.


Seven Steps to Procedural Fairness

Learn the seven steps you can take to ensure your organization's processes and decisions are fair.

The podcast is 5:06.


Nine Steps to Healthy Organizational Values

Learn nine steps you can take to ensure your organization's values are not detrimental to its health.

The podcast is 4:16.


What's Your Job?

Learn how you can ensure your employees see their contributions to the organizational "big picture."

The podcast is 6:04.