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Business Alignment Strategies helps clients optimize business results by aligning people, programs, and processes with clear organizational goals.

Too often we see programs and systems that unintentionally are misaligned with desired outcomes. Consequently, no matter how much harder or faster or longer people work, they are unable to achieve the intended business results. We also see organizations that lack a clear vision. Without a "big picture" to guide them, even well-intentioned people cannot tell whether they are headed in the right direction.

Think of a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle of a beautiful stained glass window. The job of assembling the puzzle is much easier when we have a clear picture to guide our efforts. When every piece of the puzzle is placed in its proper position, the picture makes sense. However, if pieces are put in upside down or sideways, the result cannot possibly be what the artist had envisioned. Similarly, an organization whose people, programs, and/or processes are misaligned with its vision cannot achieve its intended business outcomes.

At Business Alignment Strategies we focus on optimizing client results. First we meet with you to discuss your needs and determine whether we are the right fit. If we believe we can help improve your condition, we customize a proposal that contains specific objectives, measures, and options of how we may work together to achieve the desired outcomes. A key characteristic of our business is the use of value-based fees.



Dr. Pat Lynch helps clients optimize business results by aligning people, programs, and processes with organizational goals. She is President of Business Alignment Strategies, Inc., a management consulting firm in Long Beach, California.

As the second of five kids and the one in charge of creating order from chaos, Pat got an early start in applying practical and effective management skills. Her experience delivering the local newspaper six days a week taught her how to be resourceful in overcoming obstacles. Known as "the only girl paperboy in town," she still keeps the tie clips the newspaper gave its carriers every Christmas to remind her always to question assumptions like "only boys can deliver newspapers." From her grandfather's involvement in union organizing and her father's negotiating experience on behalf of management, she learned there are at least two sides to every story - and that the story tellers really can get along personally even when they disagree professionally. Hours spent piecing together jigsaw puzzles taught her the key to success in any endeavor: knowing in advance what the final picture is supposed to look like.

Pat's persuasion, influencing, and negotiating skills were honed during the years she engaged in her avocation as a community organizer. She also learned how to hold people accountable, measure progress toward goals, and use confrontation as a way to effect positive change. Concurrently, her "paying job" as a senior financial analyst in the Finance and Treasury divisions of FedEx enmeshed her in a culture where the slogan "People, Service, Profit" accurately described how the company did business, leading her to conclude that all companies focus on their employees. The fact that they do not is why her consulting business continues to flourish.

As a social worker in Memphis, Pat learned that although bureaucracy can crush dreams and lower expectations, the human spirit still can rise above assumptions that somehow people are damaged. A New Englander transplanted to the South, she grew to appreciate differences between cultures, realizing that we're all human beings, whether it takes us one syllable or two to say "ma'am."

Pat's work as an arbitrator and a mediator highlight the need for fairness and sharpen her skills in conflict management. Her experience in state and local politics taught her how to forge consensus when total agreement is not possible, to listen closely to people's stories, and that one or a few people truly can make a difference.

As a university professor, Pat discovered that people of all ages fail to achieve their potential because they don't understand they are capable of enormous achievements. That realization has fueled her passion for helping people recognize and step into their greatness.

Pat earned a B.A. in Sociology, an MBA in Economics, and a Ph.D. in Personnel and Employment Relations. In addition, she is a graduate of Alan Weiss's Million Dollar Consultingģ College and Million Dollar Consultingģ Graduate School. In 2009 Pat was inducted into the Million Dollar Consultantģ Hall of Fame. She belongs to a number of professional organizations, including Society for Advancement of Consulting, American Psychological Association, and Society for Human Resource Management.

A consultant, executive coach, and speaker, Pat's specialties include measurement, strategy, communication, and conflict management. She has a special affinity for working with public sector organizations. Having long ago gotten over her shyness, she speaks to audiences as large as 900 for clients and at conferences. She has authored and co-authored articles in academic and business publications as well as contributed chapters to two books.

Pat has worked with a variety of public agencies on the state, county, and city levels such as:

  • California Legislative Counsel
    California State University, Long Beach

  • Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
    Orange County Transportation Authority

  • Los Angeles Fire Department
    Long Beach Unified School District

Her non-profit clients include Special Olympics Southern California and Professionals in Human Resource Association. Private sector companies Pat has worked with are in industries as diverse as medical technology, trucking, real estate, publishing, accounting, and hospitality.

One little-known fact about Pat is that as of 2009 she has walked seven marathons to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. These experiences taught her that our boundaries are seldom as narrow as we think they are, and that individuals with life-threatening illnesses are a tremendous source of inspiration.

If you would like to see how Pat's unique perspective can help optimize your personal or organizational results, contact her today!